Far Cry Multiplayer Extraction Shooter Reportedly Being Worked On

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Multiplayer Game And Far Cry 7 In Development!

Ubisoft has big plans for Far Cry. With new leadership at the helm, Ubisoft hopes to expand the franchise beyond its current position in the gaming industry.

Nearly two years after the last mainline entry of the series was released, reports claim Ubisoft is busy with Far Cry 7. However, a multiplayer shooter is also in the works, with the French studio targeting the extraction shooter genre.

A new report provides more details about this multiplayer Far Cry project, highlighting a new take on familiar gameplay elements.

Why it matters: The extraction-shooter genre is very popular and does not suffer from oversaturation, providing Ubisoft a great opportunity to target a broad audience without much competition.

Far Cry 6

According to Tom Henderson, the multiplayer project is set in a fictional location based on Alaska.

In true survival fashion, it includes a perma-death mode. Once dead, players lose all their resources and levels, but the game features a hideout that can be used to permanently store items.

The core loop of Far Cry, which is based on crafting and gathering materials, will be a part of this multiplayer experience. A perk system will also be included, tying into the leveling system.

The game is described as an intense and high-risk experience, encouraging players to survive the wilderness of Far Cry. However, this multiplayer project is unlikely to arrive before 2025.

Far Cry 6

The report points to a tentative release date of April 2025, but Ubisoft’s history suggests that it will likely be changed over the course of development. As for Far Cry 7, this game will arrive after this multiplayer project.

Currently, games like Escape From Tarkov and Hunt Showdown dominate the extraction-shooter genre. A focus on intense gameplay and limited resources has kept thousands of players interested in the genre, motivating Ubisoft to explore its own spin-off.

We believe spin-offs are worth experimenting with, and the gaming giant has the right idea for the Far Cry series. If done well, this spin-off could prove to be a successful project.

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