Fans Believe GTA 6 Will Run At 30FPS on Xbox Series S|X & PS5

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60FPS Mode Seems Unlikely!

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  • GTA 6 looks so ambitious that fans are curious about the game running at 60FPS on consoles.
  • Many believe the game will be locked at 30FPS.
  • Some are hoping that the PS5 Pro is able to achieve 60FPS.

GTA 6 is currently the most anticipated title in the industry, and while the game is still a year away from its launch, fans can’t stop talking about it since the official reveal.

Recently, many fans gathered on Reddit to discuss whether GTA 6 would hit 60FPS on consoles at launch, as the recent trailer of the game has led to doubts about the abilities of the latest PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Why it matters: Rockstar Games has targeted 30FPS for its most recent games, prioritizing visuals and detail over a smoother gameplay experience. However, the console gaming industry has reached a new standard this generation.

Will GTA 6 hit 60 fps on PS5 & Xbox Series X ??
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A recent Reddit thread from a fan states that the GTA 6 trailer portrays a game that may be out of the current-gen consoles’ league. Since the game is also skipping a day-one PC launch, 30FPS may be the only way to play it for many years.

Most fans agree and believe that Rockstar Games may be targeting 30FPS on the current-gen consoles to push the limits of what is possible. One fan wrote:

“They will target 30FPS, with 1440p or DRS upscaling. This is mainly due to the scope of the game being open world with granular detailing.”

This discussion has been brought up multiple times in the past. Experts from Digital Foundry have made a similar argument, claiming that 60FPS might be off the table for this release.

We believe GTA 6 could be one of the few titles of the modern consoles to justify this limit. In addition to the graphical fidelity, the NPC density and level of open-world simulation shown in the first trailer are beyond anything seen in modern games.

Because of the impressive first trailer, fans remain confident in Rockstar Games’ abilities. The studio has impressed time and again, delivering games like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 on underpowered hardware.

Therefore, some believe that 60FPS, while unlikely, is not impossible. Fans have also brought up the possibility of the PS5 Pro shipping with a 60FPS mode in other discussions.

GTA 6 protagonists

Going by the recent footage, GTA 6 looks like a noticeable improvement over Red Dead Redemption 2. While Rockstar Games’ 2018 release already holds up shockingly well, it may soon be eclipsed by the developer’s next title.

Very few things are more exciting than a new entry in the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise. Expected to offer around 40 hours of story content, this will be the first new release for the series in over a decade.

Therefore, the idea of a new game for the series may be enough for most people to guarantee a purchase regardless of the frame rate. Since there won’t be much of an option, most people will likely accept whichever target the studio picks at release.

In the meantime, we recommend watching out for scammers who are already selling the PC version of GTA 6 despite one not existing yet. For now, the game is only headed to the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

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