EA CEO Thinks Activision Blizzard Merger Will Grow The Industry

EA In Favor of The Deal!

Story Highlights
  • EA is in favor of Microsoft’s purchase.
  • The CEO has changed his opinion after being indifferent about the deal in the past.
  • Andrew Wilson believes the deal will benefit the entire industry.

18 October was a historic day for Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. With Activision Blizzard becoming a first-party Xbox studio, the latter gained ownership of over 13 $1 billion franchises.

Microsoft is now doubling down on the gaming industry, hoping to grow its ecosystem further. This deal is the biggest in the industry yet, leading to some concerns about Xbox heading toward a monopoly.

However, many also support the merger. Most recently, the CEO of EA shared his thoughts on the deal, claiming that the merger will help grow the gaming industry.

Why it matters: Gaming giants like Sony have been firmly opposed to this buyout, warning the industry of its consequences down the line.

EA Sports FIfa

When asked about his thoughts on the deal during a conversation with the CNBC, CEO Andrew Wilson said:

“I think Microsoft-Activision is a great thing. It means one of the world’s largest companies is going to help us grow the industry over time.”

This response is quite different from Andrew Wilson’s opinion a few months ago. In the past, the CEO claimed to be indifferent to the deal, hoping to retain EA’s position as the biggest publisher on Xbox regardless of the outcome.

Apart from EA, publishers like Ubisoft also believe the deal will lead to a positive impact on the industry overall. Therefore, it seems Microsoft has the industry’s back after its latest purchase.

Activision blizzard

The interview also addressed the question about EA being a target for Microsoft after the latest deal. While the CEO hinted that he would not mind such a partnership, Andrew Wilson did not provide a direct response.

We agree with the CEO’s outlook on the matter. If Microsoft continues to uphold its promises, the gaming giant will solve many of the issues plaguing Activision Blizzard while ensuring it continues to produce high-quality games.

This would lead to a positive impact on the industry.

Nonetheless, acquisitions are expected to become more popular next year. Therefore, it would not be surprising to see giants like Amazon and Apple targeting publishers such as EA for potential buyouts.

However, for now, the CEO does not see much wrong with Microsoft’s $68.7 billion purchase.

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