Multiple Silent Hill Remakes Hinted At By Recent Konami Report

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Silent Hill 2 Might Not Be The Only Remake!

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  • Konami’s report uses the term ‘remakes’ when referring to Silent Hill
  • This may have been a typo or an early reveal by mistake
  • Since Konami is already interested in multiple Metal Gear Solid remakes, the publisher could do the same for Silent Hill.

The Silent Hill franchise is finally returning after a decade with the remake of the Silent Hill 2. Following the game’s 22nd anniversary, Konami and Bloober Team are ready for a modern rendition of this iconic title.

While Silent Hill 2 Remake is the only remake announced for now, a recent earnings report has suggested that there could be more remakes from the iconic franchise on the way.

Why it matters: A similar approach has been taken by Capcom. The studio has developed multiple remakes alongside its newest entries for Resident Evil.

Silent Hill Remakes
Source: Earning Report

Konami has just released its earnings report for the first half of Fiscal Year 2024. When mentioning the Silent Hill franchise in this report, Konami pointed to more than one remake. It stated:

“As well as remakes and completely new entries in the Silent Hill series,”

Last year, the developers announced several new titles for Silent Hill franchises and a remake of Silent Hill 2. While this is the only remake announced as of now, the report may have spilled the beans about Konami’s future plans.

However, the use of ‘remakes’ may have an error from Konami. The developer has yet to release a statement denying this theory, so fans can only wait for more clarification for now.

While this may seem like an error to some, we believe it would not be too far-fetched for Konami to work on multiple remakes. Judging by the success of modern remakes and the industry’s reliance on older IPs, this would be a safe and expected move from a publisher looking to revive a popular IP.

Apart from Silent Hill, Konami has shown interest in multiple Metal Gear Solid remakes. Therefore, the publisher may have considered taking a similar approach to the horror franchise.

Nonetheless, the revival of Silent Hill is already underway. Silent Hill: Ascension has been released, but the game has not received a warm welcome, being dubbed the worst release of the IP.

As for the Silent Hill 2 Remake, the game is nearly complete, and recent Steam changes have pointed to an imminent announcement.

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