In recent years, the superhero video game genre has experienced a resurgence. The Batman Arkham series led the way for a few years, but games like Marvel’s Spider-Man and the new Guardians of the Galaxy have made significant progress in moving the genre ahead. With a Wolverine game in development and Gotham Knights set to release in 2022, the future seems bright. It’s looking well for upcoming comic-based games because they provide a unique experience compared to traditional games. After all, you’re immersed in the plot as a superhero.

Following the recent release of Doctor Strange: Madness of the Multiverse, fans appear to be demanding a Doctor Strange title to explore the mystic arts firsthand. Who wouldn’t want a playable Doctor Strange character (considering it’s a well-polished game with a good plot).

We previously reported that Remedy Entertainment was working on a AAA Doctor Strange game for the current generation. It would make sense for Remedy Entertainment to be working on Doctor Strange title as the way building changes in Control, remedy engine will be the best to handle mirror dimensions and multiverse complexities.


Doctor Strange recently appeared in Fortnite’s Battle Pass, and he’ll also make an appearance in Marvel’s Midnight Suns game later this year. Doctor Strange also lives in Marvel’s Spider-Man universe created by Insomniac Games, albeit without an official appearance. His Sanctuary can be found in New York, but players are unable to engage with him.

We already have an Avengers game, a Spider-Man game, and a Guardians of the Galaxy game, with a Marvel’s Wolverine game in the works, so a game based on Doctor Strange’s character would be the next obvious step. Most of these games were quite well-received by the community and it would really make sense for Remedy to work on a game based on Doctor Strange.

The current-generation technology would allow it to function smoothly despite dealing with intricate structures such as mirror dimensions and multiverses. When combined with capabilities like ray tracing, the result may be magnificent. We genuinely hope that the day is not far when we can experience all this first-hand, however, take this news with a grain of salt as it is based on rumours and a lot of speculations.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a Doctor Strange game? Do you think Remedy Entertainment would be able to execute it properly?

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