Dead Rising Deserves Resident Evil-Like Remake From Capcom

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Capcom Must Revamp This Cult Classic!

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  • Dead Rising was a commercial success and a beloved zombie game, deserving of a remake alongside Capcom’s other successful re-releases.
  • A successful remake could breathe new life into the Dead Rising series thanks to the RE Engine’s technology.
  • It should focus on the core elements that made the original game great, such as the time limit, the mall setting, and the balance between serious and comedic themes.

Capcom’s Dead Rising burst onto the scene in 2006, grabbing everyone’s attention with its fresh take on zombie action. Developed by the same studio famous for Resident Evil, it dropped players into a huge mall overrun by zombies.

The game’s big draw? A time-limit feature that made every move count, cranking up the excitement and making you think on your feet. I’m a huge fan of the series, and the original Dead Rising is one of my favorite zombie games of all time.

However, there’s one thing that’s always bothered me: the fact that the original Dead Rising has never been remade. I think it’s time for Capcom to give the game the remake it deserves.

Reports suggest that the studio is working on a reboot, which may be a small first step toward a remake.

Why it matters: With over 3 million in sales, the first entry was a commercial success in 2006. If it gets a remake, the IP will most certainly sell a lot more than it did in 2006.

Dead Rising Remake
Dead Rising has a unique identity among Capcom’s franchises.

Capcom’s Success With Recent Remakes

Capcom has been on a roll lately with remakes. They’ve successfully remade Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4, and they’re currently working on even more Resident Evil remakes.

These remakes have been met with critical acclaim and commercial success, proving that there’s a demand for high-quality re-releases of classic games. Dead Rising is also a perfect candidate for this treatment.

It’s a beloved game with a unique premise and interesting themes, with plenty of demand despite its recent absence from the industry. Therefore, the company would benefit from the increased revenue the re-release would generate.

Dead Rising
The game’s time-based mechanics are what make it so special.

What I Want From Dead Rising Remake

The original entry is a bit dated, of course, so a remake could give the game a much-needed visual and audio overhaul, and Capcom is known for doing just that. A recreation of the zombie-fueled mayhem of Dead Rising based on the RE Engine sounds like a dream come true.

Back when it was released, the series was already known to be quite challenging. However, adding new enemies, bosses, and challenges could make the remake even more rewarding.

With today’s hardware, Capcom could also amp up the environments, pack in more zombies, and tweak the time limits for an even more intense ride. Moreover, I would like to see Capcom marking a return to the fine balance between the original’s comedic and serious tone.

Later entries leaned too heavily into comedy, but the first title was always known to be more serious. Sure, you had a lot of absurd and dumb stuff in the game, but Capcom avoided going overboard here.

In my opinion, later entries lost their identity since they chose to forego this balance. The publisher has already proven its expertise in rejuvenating old games without compromising their core design after the highly successful Resident Evil remakes, so a similar re-release for Dead Rising could put this series back on track.

Dead Rising
I believe that a Dead Rising remake would be a success, and I hope that Capcom will consider developing it in the future.

The Remake is Important

Despite Dead Rising’s initial success, subsequent entries in the series drifted away from the core principles that made the original game a standout. Dead Rising 4, in particular, failed to capture the essence of the franchise, succumbing to generic open-world design and losing the distinctive tension created by its time-limit mechanics.

That’s precisely why a remake is important. It would be a great way to introduce the series to a new generation of gamers and allow existing fans to experience it again with modern technology.

The original Dead Rising nailed it with its straightforward approach. Its mall setting created a vibe of urgency and exploration that a huge open world just can’t replicate.

If Capcom goes back to what made the first Dead Rising great and learns from recent hits, they could make something that everyone loves, old and new fans alike. In my opinion, the publisher would be foolish not to capitalize on this golden opportunity.

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