Days Gone 2 Will Never Happen As Sony Wasn’t A Fan, Says Director

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Sony Never Liked Days Gone Much!

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  • Fans are still waiting for Days Gone 2.
  • The game director has recently addressed the franchise again, stating that it will never come back.
  • He blames Sony’s higher-ups, stating that they feel they already have a successful zombie franchise.

Days Gone was released nearly half a decade ago and remains the most underrated PlayStation title to date.

While fans have still been waiting for the next entry in the franchise, and a petition to bring back the IP has already gathered over 200k signatures, it appears there’s no hope for a revival.

The game’s director has confirmed yet again that Days Gone 2 will never happen.

Why it matters: PlayStation has never been one to follow fan demand. Apart from Days Gone, the likes of Bloodborne have been highly demanded, but neither IP has received attention lately.

Sony Needs Days Gone
Days Gone Offered A Zombie Survival Experience

Just before the recent State of Play went live, the director of Days Gone replied to fans who had been asking him about the sequel. He clarified that no sequel would show up at the event or any future PlayStation Showcase.

He also seems to blame Sony executives for the IP’s current status, stating that they never liked the IP much.

Sony higher ups like Hermen were never fans, so you won’t hear about it at the PlayStation State of Play today or ever.

-Days Gone Director

Replying to another fan who asked how Sony could kill such a big franchise, the director responded that since they already have a zombie franchise, they don’t need one that performs worse in the same genre.

The director also confirmed that Days Gone sold more than Death Stranding. While the latter is set to receive a sequel next year, the same cannot be said for Bend Studio’s IP.

Days Gone
Days Gone Was A Successful Release By Many Metrics

It is important to note that this isn’t the first time Jeff Ross has spoken out against Sony. It is clear the director is still not happy with how his franchise was treated. Despite making $100 million from digital sales alone, the series never got a second chance.

Director Jeff Ross also states that he no longer remembers the vision for his sequel. It’s been so long since the first game that he seems to have moved on, and it may be best for fans to do the same.

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