How Cyberpunk 2077 Celebrates Rock Music in a Futuristic World

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Guitar Riffs + Neon Lights = Perfection!

Story Highlight
  • Cyberpunk 2077 pays tribute to rock music through in-game characters.
  • Rock music complements themes of rebellion, resistance, and more.
  • The game also references rock music through various memorable quests and items.

Rock music has always been a powerful force in video games. From the early days of arcade classics like Final Fantasy Mystic Quest to modern titles like Doom Eternal, rock music has been used to create a sense of excitement, energy, and rebellion.

It plays an even more important role in Cyberpunk 2077, a game seen in a much more positive light today despite its botched release. When I entered Night City’s neon-lit streets for the first time, I could feel the world filled with the sounds of famous bands and tunes echoing around every corner and megabuilding.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a gritty and immersive experience that explores themes of technology, violence, and corruption. This music genre is often associated with rebellion and counterculture, central themes to the Cyberpunk 2077 experience. Needless to say, the music fits right in.

Why it matters: I believe rock music in this universe helps tell stories and develop characters. It sets this game apart and makes it memorable in more than one way.

Kerry Eurodyne Cyberpunk 2077 Yacht Song
Kerry Eurodyne’s questline explores issues like artistic freedom and the challenges of fame within the music world.

Rock Music Through In-Game Characters

One of the most prominent ways Cyberpunk 2077 celebrates rock music is through its characters. The game features several characters who are rock musicians, including Johnny Silverhand, Kerry Eurodyne, and Rogue Amendiares.

These characters are all complex and interesting individuals with unique stories to tell from their band days. No discussion of CDPR’s homage to rockstars would be complete without mentioning the band Samurai.

Johnny Silverhand is the lead singer of Samurai, known for his rebellious attitude and iconic style. From Keanu Reeves’ iconic portrayal to the enduring influence of Samurai’s music, his influence can be seen in the lives of many other characters.

Meanwhile, Kerry Eurodyne is another prominent rockstar in Cyberpunk 2077. He is a successful musician who has sold millions of records in-game. Eurodyne’s music is a blend of rock and pop, often described as upbeat and energetic.

Kerry’s storyline explores themes within the music industry, such as artistic freedom and the pressures of fame.

Rock Music in Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 pays tribute to rock music through Johnny Silverhand, the lead singer of Samurai.

Quests Referencing Rock Music

The title also pays tribute to rock music in its quests. Players can find quests named after famous rock songs like “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against The Machines, “I Fought the Law” by The Clash, and “Burning Desire” by Bruce Springsteen.

These quests offer players a chance to experience the power of rock music in a new way. One particularly memorable questline involving Kerry Eurodyne is called “A Like Supreme,” a clear homage to the iconic Nirvana song “Teen Spirit.”

I have to say, it’s the best quest I’ve ever experienced in any video game, alongside “We Sing” from Alan Wake 2. In this quest, players help Kerry reunite the surviving members of his old band, Samurai, for one last epic concert. It’s a touching tribute to music’s power to unite people and overcome past grievances.

In another quest called “Chippin’ In,” which also references Samurai’s song, players embark on a wild ride with Johnny Silverhand, reliving his glory days and confronting his inner demons.

What’s neat is that I could jam out some rock guitar riffs at any time in one of the apartments I owned in Night City. It’s just one little detail that adds so much charm to this universe.

How Cyberpunk 2077 Celebrates Rock Music in a Futuristic World
“A Like Supreme” quest is a tribute to Nirvana’s “Teen Spirit,” in which players reunite Samurai for a final concert.

In-Game Items 

Cyberpunk 2077 features several in-game items earned from certain quests that pay homage to rock music. These items include the iconic Samurai jacket, worn by Johnny Silverhand, and the Blackheart guitar, used by Kerry Eurodyne.

Moreover, players can buy Samurai’s old vinyls from one of the merchants in-game. These items are a great way for players to show their love for rock music and to connect with the Samurai’s members.

This deep integration of rock music certainly resonated with me. The rebellious vibe and anti-corpo messages in rock fit right in with the themes of corporate greed, social inequality, and the fight for freedom in a messed-up future.

Rock becomes a symbol of resistance against the big powers in Night City, inspiring the players to fight for a better future. The soundtrack is one of Cyberpunk 2077’s strongest features, and I believe it elevates the franchise beyond a mere video game into a cultural phenomenon.

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