Chinese GPU Market Has Seen Drop of 42% In Shipments Over Last Year

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Huge 42% Drop In Sales Compared To Last Year!

According to the latest statistics from Board Channels, the shipments for the GPU market have dropped by quite a lot. China, one of the biggest markets for graphics cards has seen a drop in shipments of 42% alone, compared to last year.

Being a huge market, China is also involved in the manufacturing of most of the graphics cards for different brands, but the situation in the current market for GPUs is not the same anymore.

The reason why the market for graphics cards has significantly dropped is due to cryptocurrency mining being no longer profitable coupled with,  pandemic supply chain issues, and the global economic condition.

Aside from that the Chinese market has also received various tech-specific bans while the recent Holidays for the Chinese New Year have also played a part in reducing the number of shipments.

Via Board Channels
Via Board Channels

The decline of 42% for graphics card shipment mainly includes custom board partners. Among the custom board partners that operate in China, it looks like Colorful came on top with the most sales.

Colorful has a strong foundation in China and mostly operates from inside China, the reason why the company was successful. Others famous brands like Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte did not do as well with lower shipment numbers than last year.

Compared to the big three brands that mostly operate internationally, brands like GALAX and Maxsun did quite well with their shipment numbers, though it’s still less than a quarter of what Colorful made. Aside from that entry-level custom board partners like ZOTAC and Gainward also saw a decrease in graphics card shipment over the last year.

That being said custom board partners are quite hopeful for the year 2023 and do expect shipments to bounce back to where they were starting this month.

Both Nvidia and AMD are planning to launch mainstream options in the coming months, where most of the graphics card sales lie and we might also see better deals on the existing products.

What is your uptake on this, would you be willing to go with new graphics cards this year?

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