Atomic Heart To Include 60FPS Support For Next-Gen Consoles

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Not Skipping 60 FPS On Consoles!

Atomic Heart is shaping to be an exciting release for first-person shooter fans. The game boasts fast-paced fps gameplay and spectacular boss fights, as shown in a previous gameplay video.

The game is set to be released on February 21, and many fans have been curious to learn about the game’s performance on consoles. The developer had not discussed this information previously, but a new update from Mundfish has confirmed 60 FPS for Atomic Heart.

According to the official Twitter account, Atomic Heart will run at 60 fps on next-gen consoles

The developer further confirms that the game will also include support for 4K resolution on next-gen consoles. Like most new releases, Atomic Heart will also utilize dynamic resolution to maintain the 60 frames per second target. 

Recent releases like Gotham Knights have disappointed many fans with lackluster performance on consoles. WB Montreal’s latest release ran at 30 fps while often struggling to maintain this target frame-rate. 

Developer Mundfish also stated that the team is looking to support Valve’s Steam Deck on day one, but nothing is confirmed now.

While the Steam Deck is incredibly capable for its form factor, it can often struggle with more demanding games. Therefore, it makes sense that Mundfish has not confirmed day-one support yet. 

Moreover, fans will likely be curious about the fate of the weaker Xbox Series console. The Xbox Series S has proven to be challenging for some developers in the past, and Mundfish has not specified if the Xbox Series S will also receive a 60 fps mode at a lower resolution.

With just over a month before launch, anticipation for Atomic Heart is at an all-time high. The game is set to be released on PC, PS4, and PS5 consoles. Xbox owners will also be able to play the game day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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