Apple Is Estimated To Ship 200,000 Units of Vision Pro During 2024

The Most Complicated Hardware Product Ever Made By The Company!

According to the analyst at TendForce, Apple’s virtual, mixed-reality headset, the Vision Pro, will have a modest shipment volume of approximately 200,000 units during the first year due to the complexity of the production and the limited production capacity for the release.

As we can see in the promotion video, these glasses arrive to cover needs that do not exist at this point. Watch movies in your living room in a pair of $3,500 glasses or, for example, watch a movie while you fly, where the movie lasts longer than the battery the glasses can provide.

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TendForce notes that the Apple Vision Pro has cutting-edge hardware specifications and an innovative design. However, the price tag of $3,500 and the requirement of the supply power, which is of mere two hours, make it hard for consumers to adopt.

The only visible cable we can see is the power cable that goes to the Power Bank, which allows the system to run for some more time. This external battery is placed in the pocket to avoid additional weight on the head. 

It is logical to think we can expand this battery with other power sources. Of course, if it is a proprietary product, we could talk about paying hundreds of dollars for an external battery that increases the glasses’ battery life.

Currently, the Apple Vision Pro lacks sufficient applications for mainstream users. Thus, making it more attractive for developers and enterprise customers using its innovative features to create their applications.

Regarding the specifications, these glasses have two Micro OLED panels that offer 4K resolution per eye. These are accompanied by a ZEISS triple-lens design with magnetic attachment. These have a standalone procedure, so they integrate their hardware to work autonomously. These incorporate an Apple M2 SoC with an Apple R1 responsible for managing all the sensors, microphones, eye tracking systems, or the latency of the screens.

You can show your face to people around you as an Avatar. The cameras project a 3D image of your face outward. We have spatial audio and an adjustable strap in the Apple Vision Pro.

What are your thoughts on Apple Vision Pro? Will you get one once it goes on sale next year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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