AMD Recommends 65W TDP Processors For A620 Motherboards

65W Processors For Cheaper Boards!

The launch of the AMD A620 chipset has been received quite well, mainly because of its affordable price point. Users now have a much cheaper option compared to other AM5 boards, making it an easier entry into the new AM5 platform from AMD.

The launch of A620 chipset boards also did not receive a lot of marketing from AMD. The secretive launch meant that none of the independent reviewers got their hands on a review sample.

Since the AMD A620 chipset boards were received so well, there was a lot of information that was not shared, and is quite concerning for anyone who got their hands on one, without looking at the compatible CPU options for the board.

AMD AM5 A620

AMD has now come forward with crucial details to provide a deep dive into the new A620 chipset. Compared to the B650 chipset the A620 does not have support for the PCIe Gen5 interface, though there are not a lot of cards that take advantage of the new interface. Furthermore, the A620 chipset supports fewer PCIe lanes at 36.

One of the only downsides to the AMD A620 chipset is its lower power target. According to AMD, the AM5 A620 boards are ideal for Ryzen 7000 chips with a TDP of 65W. Anything above that will result in limited multi-threaded performance, though gaming performance would remain the same.

The power limit of the AMD A620 board also depends on the model. Some manufacturers like ASRock are offering two separate models of the same board. One of which is limited to the AMD specifications of 65W while the other can go up to 120W and have a much better VRM design.

AMD AM5 A620

Unlike its predecessor, the new A620 chipset does not have support for overclocking. This is where manufacturers have the option to cut costs since it’s not necessary to come up with a powerful VRM design. Aside from these cutbacks, the AMD A620 chipset supports DDR5 memory and memory overclocking.

AMD AM5 A620

What are your thoughts on the limited capabilities of the cheaper AMD A620 chipset?  

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