Alan Wake 2 Runs Well & Looks Good on Consoles, Claims Dev

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Shutting Down Concerns After PC Requirements!

The PC system requirements for Alan Wake 2 were recently confirmed by Remedy Entertainment. With the game asking for a graphics card like the RTX 3070 at upscaled 1080p, many were concerned about console performance.

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed a performance mode for the game on Xbox Series X and PS5, but many have begun to wonder if this mode will be bogged down by inconsistent frame rate and poor visuals.

Following these concerns, Thomas Puha recently took to Twitter and stated that he is satisfied with how well Alan Wake 2 has turned out on consoles.

Why it matters: The PC requirements are touching the sky, as the title demands an RTX 2060 as the bare minimum for 1080p 30FPS.

Thomas Puha claims to have spent most of his time with the game on consoles, stating that it leads to a great experience.

He assured fans that Remedy Entertainment spent a lot of time optimizing for each platform, catering to its unique strengths. This led to the game looking great without sacrificing performance.

The developer also talked about the gameplay trailer of Alan Wake 2 from May, confirming that it was indeed running on the PS5. He went on to say that, since then, both performance and visuals have advanced even further.

Therefore, Thomas Puha has provided assurance for the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game. As for the Xbox Series S, while the console will be locked at 30FPS, this version is expected to perform well within this target.

In the past, the developer has explained that the Xbox Series S can be quite painful to optimize for, which likely became the reason for Remedy Entertainment’s decision to skip performance mode on the hardware.


Nonetheless, we are a bit concerned about Alan Wake 2 on the Xbox Series S. We also hope the game runs well on PC since previous releases like Control were among the first to practically implement technologies like ray tracing.

Alan Wake 2 is arriving in less than a week after facing a slight delay. It offers around 20 hours of atmospheric survival horror gameplay, using iconic franchises like Resident Evil as inspiration.

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