A Fan Spent 8 Years On HD RE4 Mod Now Works At Nightdive Studios

Hard work And Determination Paid Off!

A Resident Evil 4 fan worked for 8 years to make an HD mode for the game. This requires extreme determination and hard work, and as a result, the fan is now working as a game developer at Nightdive Studios. So it’s fair to say that the fan’s hard work paid off.

Martin revealed on the Mod’s website that he works for a studio specializing in retro remasters. Martin wrote: 

“I’m really happy because I’m finally and for the first time in my life working in the videogame industry. Thank you, Joel, for having faith in me, and thank you, Stephen, for the opportunity in Nightdive Studios.”

Martin did a great job with the HD Mod as Nightdive Studios, known for remastering old games and making them accordingly to run on modern devices, hired him. This is a massive opportunity for Martin, so hopefully, he will be able to meet the expectations.

Regarding the HD Mod, it requires players to own the game’s PC version on Steam. It doesn’t use any of Capcom’s assets but replaces them with new ones. In the Mod, players will find almost every texture replaced with high-resolution textures and many new 3d models.

The insane thing is that Martin went to the exact locations to click some photos in Spain and Wales, where Capcom went to take photographs for the game. Martin wanted to make the higher-resolution assets as accurate as possible to the original ones.

Resident Evil 4 is an iconic horror game that almost every player worldwide loves. The game was released on January 11, 2005. The remake of this iconic game is just about to release as the release is fixed on March 24, 2023, which is just a couple of days away.

The reviews of the RE4 remake are on the positive side, and at one point, it became the 4th best-setting game on Steam. The remake’s gameplay videos were also leaked online, so fans should avoid the spoilers. 

Aside from that, what do you think of this fan spending 8 years to make an HD mode of Resident Evil 4? Do you think it was worth the effort? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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