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Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls will run on 4K @ 30 FPS without RayTracing on PlayStation 5

Gavin Moore, Creative Director of Demon's Souls revealed that it will not have RayTracing technology, and that really is bad news, since it reveals...
Demon's Souls

RPCS3 Can Now Play Demon’s Souls – Gameplay Screenshots & Videos

After announcing several improvements in the RPCS3 PS3 Emulator for PC, now the development team behind emulator has announced that the emblematic title of the...
Dark Souls Series Has Sold 8 Million Copies Worldwide, 40% Coming From The PC Platform

[Rumor] Dark Souls 3 From Software ready for E3 announcement

An anonymous and reliable source has informed the site VG24 / 7 on the announcement to take place during the next E3. The confirmation...

PlayStation 5 users reporting Coil Whine and Crashes due to Storage

With its worldwide launch, user complaints have intensified that the PlayStation 5 emits an annoying sound, and this is none other than the Coil Whine, which...

RPCS 3 performance boost with Vulkan API – Comparison Video DirectX12 Vs Vulkan

The most powerful Playstation 3 emulator on the PC platform, RPCS 3 has achieved an exceptional performance boost thanks to the use of the Vulkan...




RTX 2070 New World

New World Beta version killed many GPUs, not just GeForce RTX...

At first it was believed that Amazon studio's New World beta version was damaging the GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card only, especially the EVGA models, but...