Xbox Needs PlayStation and Nintendo, Says Former Exec

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Former Exec On Board With Phil Spencer's Multiplatform Approach!

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  • Phil Spencer recently confirmed that Xbox would release more multiplatform games.
  • Another Microsoft executive stated that this was the right move and made sense for Microsoft.
  • He believes that the gaming giant is now too big to ignore PlayStation and Nintendo.

Following one of its biggest showcases ever, Xbox confirmed plans to pursue its multiplatform strategy more aggressively. Recent examples of this strategy include the releases of Sea of Thieves and Grounded for the PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Commenting on the situation, another former Microsoft executive seems to be fully on board with this plan. He states that Xbox needs this approach to move forward.

Why it matters: Exclusivity is less important than it has ever been in the industry. For Microsoft, it makes the least sense today.

Halo Infinite character
Halo Is Currently Rumored For PS5

This statement comes from Mike Ybarra, who was previously a part of Microsoft’s gaming division. He suggests that the Xbox library is too big since Microsoft now owns two major publishers: Bethesda and Activision.

The former executive believes Microsoft should openly embrace all the big platforms.

Given the size of Microsoft gaming now, it’s just not sustainable to not be embracing all platforms.

-Mike Ybarra

Elaborating further, he said Microsoft is not only looking for growth in hardware sales through the games but aims to become the world’s largest publisher.

So, the company has to put aside the emotions of players and console loyalists to think about the bigger picture. This means releasing more first-party titles on other platforms so that the company can achieve a larger publisher title.

Likewise, we believe that the multiplatform approach is very beneficial for Xbox, as it has a big library of AAA exclusives, which can become more successful and profitable if sold on other platforms.

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves Was Quite Successful On PlayStation

Following a first attempt at multiplatform gaming, Microsoft is bringing major first-party titles like Doom: The Dark Ages to PS5. Fans should also expect older IPs to be ported on rival platforms.

Xbox is clearly headed toward an interesting future. Microsoft still seems interested in the hardware market but may eventually focus all its energy on software. However, this could push the gaming giant toward a future similar to that of Sega’s.

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