Starfield Being Review Bombed After Addition of Overpriced Mods

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Fans Are Frustrated With Creation Club Prices!

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  • Starfield saw a new update during the recent Xbox showcase.
  • Fans have started review-bombing the title on Steam following the recent update that added Creation Club.
  • The developers have been criticized for charging extra money from fans for very basic content.

Since its launch, Starfield has faced criticism for various reasons, and nearly 97% of all the players have moved on from the title. While recent updates have been encouraging, they have not completely changed the RPG’s outlook.

Bethesda’s latest update, in particular, has proven to be quite controversial. Following the introduction of mod support on consoles, the game is receiving more criticism due to the obscene prices of mods, additional missions, and more.

Why it matters: Creation Club was already featured in previous Bethesda games. However, it seems the community is not ready to accept it in Starfield.

Starfield’s Recent Reviews On Steam

As seen above, Starfield’s Creation Club has impacted reception across all platforms. The recent Steam reviews have already turned to mixed, and only 44% of the 1,600 reviews are positive. Around 900 of the most recent reviews are negative.

Fans have noted that the new Tracker’s Alliance mission, the first of the many upcoming missions, will require around 700 Creation Credits, which translates to about $7 for a single mission.

This is controversial since this mission follows an existing story. Therefore, Bethesda locked a part of a major quest behind a $7 paywall. Fans have already begun review-bombing the title on Steam, stating that this type of content should be free.

They are charging you for extra stuff that should be there from the start. if people accept this as okay, it gives Bethesda no reason to stop doing this in the future.

-Reddit user

Apart from Steam, Reddit users have been discussing the recent update, saying that it’s a big problem. Other examples of outrageous pricing include £6 for a single bounty, £12 for Far Harbor, and more.

Creation Club Was Already Controversial In Past Games

Bethesda has yet to respond to any of the recent criticism, but we hope that the developers take notice of it. The team’s recent support has been commendable, with the 60FPS update being quite well received.

Therefore, further efforts should be made to please the community.

Modding is a huge part of Bethesda’s titles. Therefore, fans were excited to finally get their hands on Creation Club. Unfortunately, this update has turned out to be a disaster, creating more problems for the team.

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