Xbox Believes Third Party Approach Didn’t Damage The Brand

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"Third-Party Strategy Stressed But Didn't Damage Xbox"

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  • Xbox is the first among the three console manufacturers to offer its games on rival hardware.
  • A report states it does not believe this push damaged the brand.
  • Microsoft remains confident that this approach will help it down the line.

Microsoft’s third-party push is officially underway as exclusives like Pentiment and Sea of Thieves make their way to PlayStation and Nintendo. Initial results seem promising, to say the least, but the community has been less than pleased.

Following major debates and controversy among fans, Xbox seems to believe the brand is still going strong. A reliable report states that Microsoft is not concerned about brand damage.

Why it matters: Xbox did not have very many exclusives until recently. Just when fans saw hope for the gaming giant, Microsoft led to doubts about every other game going third-party.

Jez Corden discussed an internal Microsoft meeting during the recent Xbox Two podcast episode. Referring to Matt Booty’s statement in the panel, he stated that sources revealed Xbox’s reaction after recent events.

Matt Booty reportedly acknowledged the recent tension, stating that the situation certainly stressed the brand. However, he remains confident about the future.

We don’t think it damaged the brand, but it has stressed the brand.

-matt Booty via Jez Corden

One major point of contention is the fact that fans have speculated the arrival of every Xbox game on rival hardware.

While Microsoft has made it clear that the likes of Starfield are not going to PS5, they believe it is only a matter of time before Xbox changes its stance. Another problem is that various leakers have begun to hint at major Xbox first-party titles going multiplatform.

This has even upset many popular Xbox influences on social media. Since Microsoft has worked closely with these community members, it must be hard for the gaming giant not to notice the tension.

However, Jez Corden reported that Phil Spencer believes these initiatives will help Xbox survive the challenging market over the next decade.

Hellblade 2
Xbox’s Exclusive Lineup Is Quite Strong In 2024

We believe Microsoft is not at the point of no return right now, but it’s heading in the wrong direction.

If third-party games are indeed limited to live service and smaller games, things might eventually work out for the better. However, we don’t blame fans for being doubtful about such statements.

Consoles have always been sold on exclusives and feature sets that are not found in rival hardware. With Microsoft seemingly blurring these lines, it is easy to see why executives like Matt Booty felt stressed. Still, we hope to see Xbox coming back stronger than ever.

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