Xbox Showcase To Be Exciting For Xbox 360-Era JRPG Fans, Teases Insider

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Lost Odyssey Remaster Announcement Coming Up?

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  • The Xbox 360 was an interesting console that offered exclusive JRPGs like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.
  • An insider suggests fans of these games should look forward to Microsoft’s showcase next month.
  • The Xbox Games Showcase will go live on June 9.

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Showcase is finally returning with new information about its future lineup. According to recent leaks, Call of Duty, Doom, Gears 6, and more will be featured at this event.

However, an insider has offered another exciting teaser ahead of this event. According to the leaker, the Xbox Showcase will be interesting for fans of the Xbox 360 era.

Why it matters: Remakes and remasters have become the norm today, so it would not be surprising to see Microsoft announcing re-releases for a few of its classic IPs.

Xbox Games Showcase
Xbox Games Showcase Goes Live Next Month

One of the more reliable insiders in the industry, Nick Baker, recently tweeted about the upcoming Xbox Showcase.

According to the leaker, the upcoming showcase will be interesting for older Xbox fans. While he did not say much else, the leaker pointed to the JRPGs from the Xbox 360 era.

Fans of Xbox 360-era JRPGs will have something to look forward to at the showcase.

-Nick Baker

During the days of the Xbox 360, Microsoft worked with Japanese studios to release various exclusive JRPGs.

Among them, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are the most popular. Demand for the latter’s remaster has existed for a whole, but the developers claimed to have no intentions of returning to the IP a few years back.

Meanwhile, other JRPGs like Enchanted Arms, Eternal Sonata, and more are also notable. It is important to note Xbox has been talking about bringing more Japanese developers to the platform for a very long time.

Therefore, this commitment may have encouraged the gaming giant to revisit these nostalgic IPs.

Last Year's Xbox Showcase Was Very Succesful
Last Year’s Xbox Showcase Was Very Successful

Fans can also expect third-party titles to show up at the Xbox Games Showcase. Recently, the gaming giant has signed deals to bring the likes of Persona 3 Reload to Game Pass, so it should continue to invest in more partnerships with Japanese studios.

We already had high expectations from the Xbox Showcase, and this teaser has only increased our excitement. With Hellblade 2’s release out of the way, Microsoft can fully focus on everything else planned for 2024.

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