Wolfenstein Developer’s Next Game To Feature Online Multiplayer

Hiring For Work On Online Matchmaking!

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  • MachineGames is hiring a Network Programmer who has experience with online matchmaking services.
  • This could mean that the studio’s next game will come with online multiplayer, whether it be for co-op or PvP.
  • The developer has already experimented with online co-op in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, so these listings may point to returning multiplayer for this IP.

MachineGames is one of the leading developers of the modern first-person shooter genre. Having successfully transitioned the Wolfenstein IP to a modern formula in 2014, the studio has released various entries for this series since then.

With 2019’s Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the developer introduced a multiplayer spin-off based on the franchise, and it might be looking to retain some of those elements for the next entry.

We spotted that MachineGames is hiring a Network Programmer, hinting at online multiplayer for its next game.

Why it matters: MachineGames is traditionally known for its well-crafted single-player first-person shooters. The studio’s multiplayer-focused Wolfenstein spin-off was also considered a failure.

MachineGames Network Programmer
Source: Job Listing For Network Programmer

The studio is looking for a permanent developer, and the preferred skills section of this job ad asks for:

“Knowledge and understanding of online matchmaking services.”

Therefore, this strongly suggests online multiplayer will be part of the studio’s next projects in some form.

With a previous job listing already pointing at the existence of a new Wolfenstein game, the studio might be looking to continue with its multiplayer focus for Wolfenstein that began in 2019.

Still, the developer’s biggest focus is Indiana Jones at the moment. While it would seem odd for the studio to include a multiplayer mode in this type of game, games like Uncharted have shipped with their own multiplayer experiences.

Therefore, this possibility cannot be ruled out either. Another job listing from the studio provides further evidence for online gameplay, this time hinting at co-op mechanics.

MachineGames AI Programmer
Source: Job Listing For Senior AI Programmer

The studio is looking for a Senior AI Programmer, asking for experience with:

“Understanding of multiplayer bots as human replacements.”

This was already an option in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, where players could forego an online co-op partner for a bot ally. Therefore, these listings suggest the studio may have used existing systems for its next multiplayer project.

While the exact IP to use multiplayer elements is still anybody’s guess, we believe they would be more appropriate in the Wolfenstein games. While Youngblood was panned in 2019, a proper co-op campaign in this universe would be quite enjoyable.

Since MachineGames has not had a lot of recent experience with online multiplayer, the studio’s future games will be worth keeping an eye on. Of the two potential projects, Indiana Jones is expected to arrive first, with Todd Howard recently pointing to more information for 2024.

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