Why I Believe GTA 5’s Story Mode Isn’t As Bad As People Think

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GTA 5's story mode deserves more attention.

Story Highlights
  • GTA 5’s story mode is full of interesting content, which should be praised more.
  • Its story is simple, but the interesting characters make it fun.
  • Each mission has some special task that provides the player with variety in gameplay.
  • Side missions and activities also contribute a lot to the story mode.

Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that has existed for over a decade. Throughout the years, Rockstar has developed masterpiece after masterpiece with this franchise, tackling other highly praised games.

Despite their minor flaws, GTA games have never failed to achieve greatness. The GTA franchise has set new standards in the gaming world, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s one of those franchises that is the measuring scale for video game standards.

The most successful Grand Theft Auto games include Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA 5. GTA 5’s success is due to Rockstar’s multiplayer support.

GTA 5 Annual Revenues
GTA 5 Annual Revenues (Image By Financial Mirror)

Its player count is still relevant compared to the time of its release. While GTA Online is great, It doesn’t conclude that the game has a bad story mode, which many people disagree with. But I think otherwise.

One of the biggest reasons I think GTA 5’s story mode isn’t as bad as people think is the story itself. Many have criticized the story for not being up to mark. It may not be as good as the other GTAs, but it is pretty decent.

The Characters

The best thing about GTA 5’s story is the characters. All three of the playable characters have incredible arcs. Micheal and Trevor’s backstories reflect the whole story, keeping suspense and thrills going.

GTA 5 Story Mode
GTA 5 Story Mode (Image By Reddit)

Franklin’s character is a youngster looking to enter the gangster world. When these three men with totally different personalities are brought together as a group, their interactions with each other and the effect of their presence on each other’s stories are worth watching. We get to see some hilarious, bonding, and wholesome moments.

Engaging Plot

The plot is simple yet engaging. The whole idea is that Micheal has to come out of retirement and rob some more to pay someone he owes, which leads him to rob the Union depository, which has been the main goal of him and Trevor, along with their old gang, with Franklin and Trevor.

The story felt like an insight into the everyday lives of some bank robbers and thieves rather than a proper story with a proper beginning and end. But it was still interesting to see how one mission led to another, and the story continued.

If we take a rough look at the script, the story may not seem interesting, but due to these three, it had a decent start and became more engaging as we got some twists and turns.

Franklin Kills Micheal
Franklin Kills Micheal (Image By YT/AFGuidesHD)

In short, it was a dramatic take on the story, and due to the interesting characters, it was held together pretty well.

Fun Missions

Moreover, the missions in the game also contribute a lot to the story mode. GTA 5’s story mode missions are undoubtedly one of the best in the franchise. From the start, we get action-packed missions that quickly grab our attention.

Even the prologue occurs in a bank where we must rob it and run away from the police. Other than that, we have to ride a bike and land on a train, crash a plane into a cargo plane and hijack it, break into a lab to steal a deadly chemical weapon, and so many more missions, each different from the other.

Interesting Side Missions

Additionally, we get some great side missions. Like the main story missions, these missions provide the player with unique, fun playthroughs.

The Boat Mission
The Boat Mission (Image By The Tech Game)

These missions also have stories and are based on several different parts. Some of these missions can also give you a unique reward upon completion.

My favorite side mission involves performing a series of stunts, such as riding a motorcycle off the maze bank building, racing on the top of Mount Chiliad, and riding an ATV off a cargo plane. You also get to see some weird and hilarious side characters. 

In my opinion, GTA 5 has a great story mode that keeps the player hooked to the game. The story is simple yet interesting due to the characters involved. Other than that, the missions, some of the best in the franchise, are so much fun to play. 

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