Why Browser Games Are Still Relevant Today

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From Miniclip & FRIV to GeoGuessr & Infite Craft...

Story Highlights
  • The browser games are easily accessible on any browser and can be played on any device even if it has low specs, making them attract more players.
  • They offer quick gaming sessions, are mostly free-to-play, and are fun to play with friends – making them easier to reach for most users.
  • These games are promoted by YouTubers and Streamers due to which more people want to play these games. 

Remember playing FRIV or Miniclip on your browser? Those were one of the highlights of every gamer’s childhood. But, do you know that browser games are still relevant today? Let’s see what makes them relevant in an era of downloadable games. 

Origin & Popularity

A decade after the arrival of the internet, Neopets (1998) was released which was a virtual pet website. Then, Shockwave.com made its way which included many flash-based games. Finally, in the early 2000s, sites like Miniclip and Newgrounds came into being.

Even though browser games had their beginnings in the early 1990s, they became popular in the Facebook era where games like 8-ball pool, Farm Frenzy, and Restaurant Story were attached to Facebook, and people used to play them endlessly. 

Easy Accessibility

Believe it or not, the accessibility of the browser games makes them all the more appealing to play. The ability to go on any browser open a particular website and play the game instantly is very easy.

For downloadable games, people have to search for the right games which requires a chunk of time. Then, they need to keep the size of the game in their minds and allocate space for it if users don’t have it on their PCs. Then, they need to wait for the game to download.

Browser Games

This process is tedious, especially for users who have storage issues or slow internet. Browser games, on the other hand, skip this hassle and get directly to the game. Additionally, you can play the same game from any device, be it a mobile or a laptop/PC. 


Browser games come with a perk that most of them are free to play. This low barrier of entry allows for more users to hop on the game, which in return spikes the player base of these games, making them relevant to the users of this era as well.

YouTube video

Quick Sessions

Games on the browser provide a casual gaming experience for people who want shorter and quicker gaming sessions. This means you can have a quick match without worrying about wasting any extra time on loading screens, cutscenes, or lengthy pauses.

Nostalgic Appeal

People who played browser games their entire childhood have a sense of attachment to these games which draws them back. Revising these games evokes nostalgia in them and they continue to play these games even today.

Browser Games
Old Miniclips Website

Multiplayer & Social Features

Browser games also provide multiplayer features which are essentially quick as well. Games like Krunker.io and ShellShockers.io offer seamless multiplayer games, making them users’ go-to games to play when they’re in high school, university, and office. 

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Games like 8-ball Pool and Chess are so simple yet so engaging for many users. Their simple nature paired with their availability on browsers make them very accessible for people who want quick sessions with their friends or other players from around the world.

Treat For Low-End PC Users

Games like Krunker.io offer Call Of Duty-type experiences where many people can play and enjoy an action-packed, first-person shooter with the comfort of their browser and get very stable FPS even on lower-end PCs. 

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There are even 2D battle royale games known as Zombs Royale on browsers. Additionally, for people who want to have the same fun as they would in Fortnite, there is a 3D building & shooting game (1v1.lol) so that people with low-end PCs don’t miss out on the fun.  

YouTube & Streams

Games like Scribble.io and Pinturillo 2 allow many friends to join in a room and play together to guess from the drawing what the word is. These games have been made popular by YouTubers and streamers who had a blast playing these games.

Even watching their gameplay is fun because of how numerous interactions take place regarding each word. Previously, games like Agar.io, Slither.io, and Diep.io became popular since many YouTubers were playing them.

YouTube video

Now, games like GeoGuessr have been made popular by YouTubers and Streamers who showcase their expertise in geography through this game. After watching insanely accurate points scored by Youtubers, people flocked to the website to test their own skills.

The latest game that YouTubers hyped is Infinite Craft, which requires users to create magical things by blending two options.

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