New updates in Valorant mostly surprise the players since they either buff the agents, nerf them or grant players a new map as they did with Pearl

A beta version of Valorant 5.03 is being tested, in which we will reportedly be able to perform get Emotes for our agents. These Emotes will be similar to the ones used in Fortnite, including a radial in-game wheel to select the emotes.

Your agent will be switched to a third-person camera angle when the emote is being played. For visualization, a funny concept video created by a fan demonstrates what these emotes will look like. 

YouTube video

Alongside the emotes, we will likely get an advanced UI for selecting your agents. This UI consists of a moving transition while you choose your agents and looks better than the one used before.

According to the leaker, this is only the first of the UI change. Therefore, there would be more changes to the interface. Not to mention, we are getting a UI update after a long time since all the updates consisted of changes in agents, so it is good to see UI updates.

All the abovementioned updates are not confirmed to be related to the next update. However, if we return to the upcoming Valorant 5.03 Beta update, we will see changes in Chamber, Neon, and Jett.

For Neon’s ultimate ability, the damage per shot reduced from 22 to 18, whereas her Killzone area increased from 15m to 20m. Her leg shot multiplier reduced from 1.0 to 0.85, and her headshot multiplier increased from 1 to 3.

In contrast, Jett and Chamber’s ultimate ability for a leg shot reduced from 1 to 0.85. This means their ultimate abilities will cost 15% damage for hitting legs. While shooting at the head with Neon’s ultimate ability will kill the enemy faster.

Conclusively, the emotes and the UI changes are one of the few distinct updates Valorant has been working on and would change the game forever. Hopefully, they look as impressive as players expect them to be.

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