Ubisoft Removes The Crew Purchases From Digital Libraries

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Grim Reminder That We Don't Own Digital Games!

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  • Ubisoft has completely revoked access to The Crew for digital owners.
  • People have lost their decade-long purchases, highlighting the drawbacks of digital media.
  • The publisher is also ignoring requests submitted to customer support on the matter.

Despite the declining popularity of physical media, physical games enthusiasts argue that digital titles are never truly yours to own.

While most people simply don’t care about the long-term implications of digital libraries, a recent Ubisoft incident highlights the drawbacks of digital gaming. The publisher has begun to revoke The Crew purchases from Ubisoft Connect.

Why it matters: Publishers typically respect digital ownership when games are delisted or shut down. However, this is a unique instance where licenses are being removed from existing libraries.

It is important to note that The Crew was recently delisted from online storefronts. However, as mentioned earlier, delisted games typically stay within existing libraries.

This example highlights that publishers and developers can disable digital purchases on a whim. Recently, the Stellar Blade demo was leaked ahead of schedule, and PlayStation eventually disabled it for all users in a similar turn of events.

Adding further confusion to the situation is the fact that The Crew is no longer playable. As of 1st April, the game’s online serves have been shut down, rendering this online-only title unplayable.

Still, Ubisoft’s licensing changes mean that players are unable to even launch the game. Meanwhile, physical owners of The Crew can still launch the game, albeit without the ability to play it.

One major problem with Ubisoft’s approach is the fact that it limits the chances of a future comeback. Various shutdown games have come back later in the form of private fan-made servers.

The Crew
Ubisoft Wants You To Play The New Crew Entries

Since The Crew is not playable on PC anymore, this is unlikely to happen. According to various reports, customer support has simply chosen to ignore the problem despite the many submissions.

People like the GameStop CEO advocate for the continued use of physical discs as a potential solution. Xbox also believes in supporting physical media, but the industry is gradually headed toward an all-digital future.

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