Witcher Author Never Played Witcher 3 Since He Doesn’t Have Time For Games

"It's Not Entertainment For Me"

Story Highlights
  • The Witcher franchise is based on a series of novels by the author Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • The author recently revealed that he has never played games since they are not entertaining for him.
  • He also revealed that Netflix does not care much about his opinion.

The Witcher franchise exploded in popularity after CDPR’s third mainline entry. Often considered the best modern RPG, this title has sold over 50 million units, introducing the series to a much wider audience.

This popularity then led to the creation of a Netflix show, which also received positive reactions initially. However, author Andrzej Sapkowski is not too fond of these games or gaming in general.

Why it matters: Generally, creators are quite happy to see their work expanding to different mediums. While some may even explore other forms of entertainment for their IPs, this was not the case for Andrzej Sapkowski.

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In an interview with the Vienna Comic Con, the author of The Witcher novels revealed that he doesn’t play the games that helped popularize his work worldwide. He said:

“Never. I have no time for this, and it’s not entertainment for me.”

Sapkowski explained that games aren’t interesting for him, and he doesn’t intend to change his stance on the medium anytime soon. Therefore, he will likely skip The Witcher 4, which is being developed by over 250 people.

This statement isn’t too odd since games and novels are two different mediums. The latter isn’t limited by technology and can be carried around easily, making it more accessible.

The author’s dismissal of games is further seen by the fact that he initially expected no profits from CDPR’s games. He had no faith in The Witcher adaptations, later regretting this decision.

Still, Andrzej Sapkowski directly benefits from the efforts of CDPR. In the past, the author was engaged in a dispute over the IP’s royalties with the studio, demanding over $16 million for his work.

Witcher 3 Combat

Unsurprisingly, in the interview, he described himself as an avid reader. Andrzej Sapkowski appears to be mostly focused on books, resulting in these incredible stories turning into excellent games.

While Andrzej Sapkowski may not be too interested in gaming, The Witcher 3 is being supported to this day. CDPR recently announced official mod support for the game, confirming it would arrive in 2024.

Apart from games, the author shared a few interesting statements about his IP’s Netflix adaptation, claiming that the showrunners don’t give much importance to his feedback.

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