The Witcher 3 Next-Gen PC Hotfix Fails To Address PC Performance & Stability Issues

Hotfix Did Not Fix Anything!

The Witcher 3 has long been an outstanding example of an open-world RPG game. While the game was a solid package at release, CD Projekt Red ensured that fans would get even more content through various updates over the years. This content elevated The Witcher 3 to even greater heights.

Similarly, the developers have recently updated the game with all new visuals. Additional features like ray tracing have breathed new life into the game, but PC users have been experiencing problems since the update, leading to negative reviews on Steam

CD Projekt Red has recently released a new hotfix to alleviate these problems, but PC users report that the update has barely made a difference

The update was released nearly a week ago, and the developers quickly acknowledged the difficulties the PC community faced. Despite CDPR’s attempt, the new hotfix has barely impacted the game.

Many users still report that the game does not work well, even with high-end graphics cards. Additionally, some reports have shown that the hotfix can have the opposite effect, leading to worse performance

On the other hand, some reports claim that the hotfix improves frame rates by a small number. The game appears to be crashing less for some users, but the major performance issues continue to bog down an otherwise fantastic game.

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen still shows many bugs, among numerous other issues. PC users have claimed that the game still stutters on AMD GPUs, and pop-in is also a common issue.

Judging by the results, fans should not get their hopes up, but the update is not entirely hopeless, going by the variable results across the user base. 

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Despite the game’s current state, it is hard to ignore The Witcher 3. CD Projekt Red is likely working on more fixes for the game, but it remains to be seen if the developer can return The Witcher 3 to its former glory. 

Have you tried the next-gen update on your PC? What issues have you run into? Let’s discuss the matter in the comments below. 

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