The Killing Antidote: Fresh Take On Resident Evil-Like Zombie Apocalypse

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A Shockingly Good (But Also Flawed) Experience!

Story Highlight
  • The Killing Antidote is inspired by Resident Evil.
  • It features diverse enemy types, including fast crawlers and vomiting zombies.
  • The game also offers strategic combat with various guns, melee, and traps.

In the world of gaming, I rarely find a title that pledges to reshape the limits of a genre and gameplay.

The Killing Antidote is one such game, bursting onto the scene with a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse. And while it isn’t perfect, it certainly has its claws sunk into something special when it fully releases.

Developed by MetalStar Studio, which comprises only two developers, this game has already captured my interest.

Why it matters: The Resident Evil franchise is among Capcom’s best IPs, so anything taking inspiration from it is already headed in the right direction.

The Killing Antidote
The Killing Antidote is Fun for Now, But Can It Keep Players Hooked?

Something New Yet Familiar

I discovered The Killing Antidote on Steam’s Discovery Queue page, which was suggested to me since I’ve been playing Resident Evil games like the excellent remake from 2023 recently.

Right off the bat, I could see how the Resident Evil series heavily inspired the game. With its third-person perspective and a focus on combat against hordes of the undead, it felt like I jumped from one Resident Evil game to another.

In The Killing Antidote, gamers play as Jodi, a protagonist who breaks the mold of a typical hero. Jodi is a freelance journalist driven by a hunger for truth and a passion for adventure.

The game’s premise revolves around her quest for the elusive antidote to the plague, weaving a tale that’s as much about saving humanity as it is about survival.

The Killing Antidote
The Killing Antidote Pays Homage to Resident Evil.

Fun Combat & Many Details

The real treat lies in the variety of the undead hordes you’ll face in the game.

Forget the slow, shuffling kind. The Killing Antidote throws everything at you, from lumbering walkers to wall-running crawlers and even some gut-wrenchingly disgusting vomiters.

In terms of combat, I have to highlight its strategic depth. I wasn’t just mindlessly mashing buttons here. The Killing Antidote gave me a good arsenal of tools to take down the infected, from the classic knife and axe to the more high-tech delights of electrocution.

And let me tell you, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as baiting a zombie to run into an explosive trap. The game has a fair chunk of little details here and there. The magazine drops to the ground once the players reload their weapons.

Moreover, some walls are destructible through explosive mines.

The Killing Antidote
The Killing Antidote Offers a Variety of Combat Tools to Slay the Undead.

Some Weak Spots

Here’s where things get a little dicey. The Killing Antidote faces an issue with the level design. While the environments themselves are impressive, they feel small and similar to each other.

The survival mode maps, in particular, are a bit of a letdown. They lack the dynamism and creativity of the campaign levels. One more downside? Replay value.

However, The Killing Antidote is still in playtest, and developers are looking for feedback from the players. I can’t wait to explore what the full release will look like since the game has so much potential.

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