The Forest Reaches Top Charts On PlayStation 4

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Thanks To Sons of The Forest Release!

Sons of The Forest has become a gigantic release on PC. The game reached over 350K concurrent players shortly after launch and continues to be popular on the platform. 

While its success on PC is already commendable, Sons of The Forest may have inspired console gamers to try the previous game from the developer.

As revealed in the latest PlayStation Blog, The Forest from Endnight Games reached the top 10 PS4 games in both US and EU.

Sons of The Forest

Like its successor, The Forest is based on the same survival-horror genre. 

The game’s basic premise revolves around a plane crash, after which passengers are left to survive in a forest. Players can utilize crafting, building, and exploration mechanics to increase their chances of survival. 

Limited resources and a tense atmosphere makes for an exhilarating gameplay loop that many players have come to enjoy. Besides the excellent gameplay, Sons of The Forest appears to have played a big part in this newfound success.

Sons of The Forest went on to sell over 2 million copies on just the PC platform. This figure was achieved within 24 hours. However, a console release for Sons of The Forest remains to be seen for now. 

This limited availability likely encouraged console users to try the previous games. The Forest’s newfound popularity could also lead to the sequel eventually coming to consoles if the developer acknowledges the demand for the title.

The Forest was released on PS4 nearly five years ago. While the game may not be the newest offering from the developer, it has plenty of survival horror gameplay for those looking to try this game style.

The game can be purchased on PSN for just $19.99, supporting up to 4-player online gameplay.

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