Soulcalibur Remaster Reportedly Being Planned

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Bandai Namco Considering Remaster For Their Fighting Game Franchise!

The Soulcalibur franchise has been a massive part of the fighting game genre for over two decades. Making its debut in 1998, the franchise is still relevant today, with its latest entry being released in 2018. 

While Bandai Namco has not talked about a new Soulcalibur game, a new leak hints at something exciting for fans of the classic franchise. Nick Baker reported on the latest Xbox Era podcast that a Soulcalibur remaster is being planned.

He stated: 

“I’ve heard that Namco might be looking at(a remaster). 

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However, he elaborated on the rumor, stating that the source did not give too much information. He stated:

“My source was not clear on whether we’re just getting the original Soulcalibur remaster or if they’re doing a remaster collection of games.”

Recently, gaming remasters and remakes have become a common trend for developers. Gaming giants like Capcom have found incredible success with Resident Evil remakes, while the recently released Dead Space Remake was also praised throughout the industry. 

As such, this would be a safe and likely move from Bandai Namco. The developer has not revisited the Soulcalibur franchise in nearly half a decade, and a remaster would help bring much of the lost attention to the franchise.

Big fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat will also receive new games in 2023 and beyond. However, Soulcalibur might not be able to compete with these giants, but a remaster would be a risk-free approach for Bandai Namco to test the waters. 

This could also lead to a new Soulcalibur game if the remaster performs well, but that remains to be seen. Nick also speculated that the game could become part of an Xbox Game Pass deal, but that remains to be seen.

As always, taking any rumor with a slight grain of salt would be best. 

Soulcalibur returning to the fighting game genre would add more variety for audiences worldwide. Currently, the genre has no shortage of different styles of games, and a remastered Soulcalibur game would make things even better.

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