Take-Two Has Not Observed Pushback After $70 Price For Games

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Gamers Don't Mind $70 Prices Too Much!

The video games industry had not seen a game priced higher than $60 for quite a long time until companies like Sony and Take-Two decided to take the initiative in late 2020, where NBA 2K21 and Demon’s Souls Remake were among the first games priced at $70.

Since then, companies like EA have followed suit. Microsoft and Nintendo launched their first $70 games this month, and Sega is also considering it. This has impacted a lot of people and led to discussions about the new price, but it seems that Take-Two has been having no pushback from this increase.

Why it matters: The world has recently been going through a difficult economic situation. This made the $70 price controversial, but it could soon be an industry standard.

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Take-Two’s Strauss Zelnick recently answered a question where he was asked if gamers were against buying $70 games.

He answered:

“We’re not seeing a pushback on frontline prices. Consumers are seeking to limit their spendings by going to the stuff they care about, blockbusters, or value.”

The CEO also added that consumers may not rush to buy something that is not considered a blockbuster, even if they find it interesting. This can be due to the $70 price, but he expects this to change with time.

It seems that Zelnick is very confident with Take-Two’s position right now. Many developers and publishers worldwide have placed the $70 tag on their games, but it does not always work well, so they have to fall back and offer heavy discounts on such games eventually.

The same has happened with Marvel’s Midnight Suns from Take-Two, which went live for $70 on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S. It was soon discounted by 33% within one month of being released.

Speaking of Take-Two, the company is expecting mid-generation PS5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrades. Moreover, Take-Two has also recently hinted at an April 2024-March 2025 release date for GTA 6, which could be one reason behind the CEO’s confidence.

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