State of Decay 3 Job Listing Points Toward Live Service Model

Most Ambitious State of Decay Game!

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  • State of Decay 3 was announced in 2020, but information about this zombie survival game is very limited.
  • Undead Labs is currently hiring someone with experience in live service games.
  • A live service approach could be the future of the IP.

State of Decay has always focused on survival and crafting elements for a unique spin on the zombie games genre. This focus has helped it stand out in a crowded genre, but State of Decay 3 will launch in a different market.

With the dwindling popularity of zombie games, each release seeks to be distinct from the rest. Undead Labs’ IP has an inherent advantage because of its foundations, offering a more survival-focused adventure than the typical action-focused game.

However, the studio may have planned another approach to help State of Decay 3 stand out from the rest. A job listing from the developer points to a live service focus for this game.

We have found that Undead Labs has just posted a job ad for a Senior Product Owner. The studio is looking to hire a candidate with experience in:

“Online multiplayer, game live services and operations.”

Why it matters: With games requiring several years to create, developers are increasingly shifting toward the live service genre to reap the benefits of a single release for many years.

State of Decay 3
Source: Job Listing For Senior Product Owner

State of Decay 3 was first shown in 2020 with a trailer that revealed little about the game’s focus.

However, it seems live service is the direction Undead Labs is headed in despite the earlier reports. State of Decay 3 will, therefore, become an ongoing game supported for many years.

As a zombie survival game with a co-op aspect, this franchise should work well with a live service focus. In the past, State of Decay 2 already offered rotating content packs and special events, bringing it closer to this genre.

However, this game did not have a dedicated focus on content updates. Further supporting the recent job listing, previous interviews from Undead Labs hint at an MMO-like approach for the release.

In the past, Jeff Strain has talked about achieving the studio’s ultimate vision for this title.

YouTube video


Initially, State of Decay was imagined as an MMO, but this vision could not be realized for the first two titles. Putting two and two together, this job listing appears to be another hint toward this vision.

Three years after its release, State of Decay 3 is mostly a mystery. Microsoft has confirmed that Undead Labs is receiving help from The Coalition for this game, with the two hoping to use Unreal Engine 5 to its fullest in future games.

Therefore, ambitions are high, and Xbox is certainly willing to allow the team immense freedom for this release.

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