Starfield Review Codes Reportedly Set to Roll Out This Week

Enough Time To Explore Starfield Before Embargo!

The anticipation surrounding Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG, Starfield, is at a fever pitch. As the game’s release date draws near, players are excited to embark on thrilling adventures across various planets.

Recently, rumors circulated that the critics may have to join early access with regular players for review copies. However, these claims were deemed false by reputable sources in the gaming industry.

According to Tom Henderson, Bethesda is set to distribute review codes of Starfield later this week.

Why it Matters: It is important for video game critics to get review codes early. This ensures that content creators and critics can effectively evaluate the game before the embargo.

This will allow content creators to get their hands on the game before regular players, with several weeks of playtime before reviews are published. The information hints that Bethesda remains committed to delivering a genuine Starfield experience.

Previously, publishers like Square Enix decided not to provide review codes for Forspoken to various media outlets. This was seen as a red flag for the title, and late review codes are seen in a similar light by the gaming industry.

Nonetheless, Starfield does not appear to be repeating this mistake. It appears Bethesda Softworks is looking to allow reviewers plenty of time to reach an accurate verdict for the game.

Casual players can also get early access to the game, with Premium Edition holders able to play the game on September 1, five days before everyone else.

Starfield’s universe is full of endless possibilities, brimming with planets to explore, narratives to unravel, and mysteries to uncover.

Starfield is set to launch on September 6 all around the world. As the countdown to release begins, the cosmos awaits explorers, inviting them to journey through the starlit expanses of the game.

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