Starfield: Performance Mode Not Planned For Xbox Series S|X

30FPS Lock Is The Final Decision!

Over the last few weeks, more details have emerged about Starfield. This includes more information about gameplay mechanics and the performance on Xbox Series S|X consoles. Director Todd Howard has confirmed a 30FPS lock for Starfield.

However, fans have been curious if Bethesda plans to add a performance mode after release. Various games have taken this approach before, but it seems Bethesda Game Studios has no such plans for Starfield.

Why it Matters:  Considering Starfield is one of the most anticipated titles, many were disappointed that the game would run at 30FPS.

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In a recent interview with Kinda Funny Games, Todd Howard answered many questions about Starfield. When he was asked about the decision to make Starfield a 30FPS game, he stated:

“We lean towards consistency overall.” 

Todd was also asked about possible considerations to cut features for a performance mode. However, Todd Howard replied:

“We never looked at taking features away.”

This means that fans should not hope for a performance in the future. While Bethesda Game Studios has worked hard on the Xbox Series S|X versions, the game will likely be locked at 30FPS for the foreseeable future.

However, Todd Howard mentioned various techniques that would make the game feel great at this frame rate. He mentioned additions like motion blur and responsiveness, and all of this adds up to the best-feeling game from the studio.

For users looking to enjoy the epic sci-fi RPG at 60FPS, the PC platform is a great option. Like other Bethesda games, Starfield is expected to enjoy massive success on PC, and this will include freedom of resolution and frame rate.

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