Star Wars Outlaws Rating Suggests Release Right Around Corner

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Ubisoft's Ambitious Star Wars Game Is Upon Us!

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  • Star Wars Outlaws is expected to arrive in 2024.
  • The game has just been rated by the South Korean Rating Board, hinting at a nearing release.
  • It has received a 19+ rating due to a mini-game similar to poker.

Star Wars Outlaws debuted with an unforgettable trailer last year. With a massive open world, it was an immediate treat for Star Wars fans, and Nvidia’s recent statements on the game have added to the hype.

Following the launch of Skull and Bones, Ubisoft needs a big win to redeem itself. However, with a new rating for Star Wars Outlaws, this victory may be closer than expected as the publisher gears up for a new round of marketing and nearing release.

Why it matters: While this IP has no shortage of gaming adaptations, Ubisoft boasts the first one with an open-world spin on the franchise.

Game rating info

The game was just rated by the South Korean board. In the past, this board has developed a reputation for leaking games and rating them close to release.

The rating itself is nothing out of the ordinary. It highlights realistic simulation and a mini-game that includes betting. These two scenarios have made the game suitable for gamers over the age of 19, according to the board.

It is also important to note that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was rated 12+, while various Battlefront games landed at a 15+ rating. Anyhow, more interesting for us is the rating’s implication.

Star Wars Outlaws was previously rumored for an H1 2024 launch. With the rating showing up already, this seems like a real possibility. At the very least, the rating signals a nearing marketing push, so fans should expect details to flood in soon.

Overall, there is much reason to anticipate Star Wars Outlaws. If nothing else, the game will be a technical showcase for PC and current-gen consoles. However, we hope for a galactic adventure worthy of the Star Wars name.

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