Square Enix Looking To Release Big Titles More Frequently

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Expect AAA Games More Often!

Square Enix is an important part of the gaming industry. The company has worked on beloved IPs like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and more.

While the company has recently shown interest in Blockchain and NFT investments, the latest financial briefing from Square Enix shows that the gaming giant is also aiming for big game releases more often.

Why it matters: Following multiple announcements about the growing focus on NFTs, many wondered if the gaming giant would slowly move away from traditional games.

Square Enix Big Titles Frequently
Source: Square Enix

The briefing states:

“Create a pipeline enabling regular launches of major titles.”

Additionally, the report highlights a greater focus on quality releases. Recently, the publisher released Forspoken, and the title was not too well received. With these new aims, Square Enix will likely ensure that each new release lives up to expectations.

In the coming month, Square Enix will release Final Fantasy 16. The game is shaping up to be the most popular mainline Final Fantasy release in a long while and should give fans a tiny hint at the company’s ambitions moving forward.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is also anticipated to release later in 2023. This, in addition to future games like Dragon Quest 12 and Kingdom Hearts 4, should ensure that Square Enix has a steady output of big games.

Furthermore, the gaming giant could revisit IPs like Nier. Nier Automata has already sold over 7.5 million copies, and a new entry would be exciting for audiences all over the world.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has a steady output of smaller but impressive games like Octopath Traveler 2, which was released a few months ago, and saw a highly positive reception.

Recently, other developers like FromSoftware have also talked about similar goals of releasing games more frequently. With the growing costs and timelines of game development, more developers and publishers now appear to be looking to optimize for faster releases.

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