Soul Hackers 2 Reportedly Headed To Xbox Game Pass

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Another JRPG For Game Pass!

Contrary to Microsoft’s approach over the previous generation, the gaming giant is focusing on the Japanese market for Xbox Series S|X consoles. The new consoles have been selling much better than the Xbox One, and Microsoft is also bringing more Japanese games to the platform. 

Previously, popular JRPG games like Persona 5 Royal have been released on Xbox Game Pass, and a new report hints at another JRPG from Atlus joining the subscription service. According to leaker extas1s, Soul Hackers 2 is coming to Game Pass soon.

Soul Hackers 2 was originally released in August of last year. It features a similar aesthetic to other Atlus games and the traditional JRPG turn-based combat system that many fans have grown to love.

However, Soul Hackers 2 was a financial letdown for Atlus. The developer revealed that the game was selling below expectations, but Atlus was hopeful that long-term sales could help the game. 

Compared to games like Persona 5 and Shin Megami Tensei V, Soul Hackers 2 saw a much worse critical reception. Many thought the story elements did not live up to recent Atlus games, with the combat being underwhelming sometimes. 

As such, Xbox Game Pass could introduce Soul Hackers 2 to a much broader audience and even newer players who would not have tried the game otherwise. Microsoft’s subscription service has been known to boost the player base for many games, and Soul Hackers 2 will likely see significant growth with Game Pass. 

Previously, the leaker has correctly reported on the release date for GoldenEye 007; it would be best to take any new leak with a slight grain of salt until further information is revealed. 

The Soul Hackers games are relatively niche, unlike huge JRPG franchises like Final Fantasy and Persona. Combining this niche appeal with the game’s poor sales performance allows Atlus a unique opportunity to breathe new life into the game with Xbox Game Pass, allowing millions of players to try the game. 

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