PlayStation Aims To Release More Innovative And Creative Games In Future

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PlayStation Looking To Move Away From Its Current Formula!

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  • Sony’s joint CEOs wrote a letter to address the future of PlayStation after taking over. 
  • They want to release more creative and innovative games for the PlayStation moving forward.
  • The letter also mentions that restructuring their policies is important for this approach.

PlayStation recently saw a change in leadership when their long-standing boss, Jim Ryan, finally left office. He was replaced by two joint CEOs, Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino, who have promised to release more creative and incredible games for the PlayStation.

Why it matters? Sony has been quite reluctant to experiment with new things over the past few years. So, creativity and innovation have somewhat decreased, making this new initiative more than welcome.

Sony PlayStation
Sony Wants To Change Things Up.

After taking over the office, Sony CEOs released a joint letter addressing the future of the gaming giants. It stated that restructuring is required moving forward to produce great games and manage profits accordingly.

They further remarked that play and storytelling are two fundamentals. As people find new ways to tell these stories, Sony will also focus on increased creativity to keep the players as engaged as possible and keep the PS5 the “Best Place to Play.”

We believe it’s never been more important to step back and move forward with a new structured design and deliver increasingly incredible experiences.

-Sony Interactive Entertainment

This is rather important for SIE, as they saw massive profit drops this fiscal year. With the PlayStation 5 missing to hit the expected sales mark, Sony saw a loss of $10 billion. This also led to various layoffs and even the closure of the PlayStation London Studio. 

PlayStation’s Recent Games Have Been Criticized For Sticking To The Same Formula.

Anyhow, going forward, we can expect a shift in strategy from PlayStation. This could mean that experimental projects like Astro Bot will appear more often from the gaming giant. The new CEOs also revealed a heavy emphasis on PC gaming.

Many of Sony’s studios have only recently begun working on their next big projects, so this is a great time to make this change. Hopefully, the new leadership will prove to be valuable for PlayStation in the future.

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