Sony Patent Hints At Custom Emojis For PS VR2

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More Flexibility For VR Communication!

PlayStation’s latest offering for the VR gaming genre came with PS VR2. Following the first generation of PlayStation VR, PS VR2 brings various innovations like an OLED display and 120Hz support.

The VR headset also supports an impressive library, with titles like Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Call of The Mountain serving as great showcases for PS VR2. However, PlayStation is looking to improve the VR experience for users even more.

A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment hints at a more simplified and personalized method of communication in VR. Looking at the description and images from the patent, it appears that Sony may be looking to introduce emojis for VR.

Sony PS VR2 Patent
Source: Sony Patent

The description states that users interact in a variety of different ways when it comes to virtual reality. This may include methods like typing, talking, and more. However, these communication methods also differ depending on the game and environment.

This can mean that users may find themselves unfamiliar with communication methods in different VR worlds, and Sony aims to solve this issue through the patent.

Sony briefly describes the patent with a custom cue from a user. This cue can include a gesture or motion the VR device can track. The cue is then tied to a custom instruction and stored in memory, as seen below.

The VR device then tracks movement and gestures to match with the custom cue stored in memory. Once a cue is identified, the image or symbol tied to it can be displayed. The custom instruction can include images such as the ones shown above.

Sony PS VR2 Patent

The patent further states that users may be able to modify these cues for freedom.

As stated earlier, PlayStation’s latest VR endeavor involved the PS VR2. This could mean that users may be able to utilize this technology a few years down the line with Sony’s PS VR2.

However, it would also not be surprising if this patent was part of a future innovations or plans for Sony.

With the popularity of social media, emojis, and pictures have become a vital part of communication on modern platforms. As such, users may be pleased to learn that Sony is looking to integrate them into its VR offerings.

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