Sony Raises Budget For Acquisitions To $13 Billion

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Preparing For More Acquisitions!

Both Sony and Microsoft have recently made major acquisitions like Bungie and ZeniMax Media. This allows the companies to expand their first-party studios with new talent and staff.

Sony has also made acquisitions like Crunchyroll outside of the gaming industry to grow its business. Not too long ago, it was reported that Sony had $5 billion for acquisitions. However, the latest information suggests that Sony has increased this budget and will soon have $13 billion for acquisitions and mergers.

Why it matters: Acquisitions have become a popular trend in the gaming industry. Sony’s latest endeavors mean that the gaming giant is not looking to be left behind by rivals like Microsoft.

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As reported by Financial Times, Sony is gathering an additional $8 billion for mergers and acquisitions. Adding the previous $5.1 billion figure makes up for a total of $13.1 billion.

However, it should be noted that all of the $13.1 billion will not be allocated to PlayStation, Sony’s gaming division. Still, given the success and profitability of the gaming industry, Sony has likely kept a significant portion of this amount for gaming endeavors.

According to rumors, a merger with Square Enix seems likely. Both companies continue to collaborate on various big AAA releases to this day and have been on excellent terms for many years.

Square Enix has a net worth of around $6.02 billion, which would be an affordable price for Sony. The gaming giant also owns 14% of a company like FromSotware, so seeing further growth in such investments would not be surprising.

Sony recently acquired Firewalk Studios last month. Therefore, it is clear that the company is not done investing in the gaming business.

However, the more significant funds could mean that the company is looking for investments on a larger scale to potentially compete against Microsoft’s ongoing purchase of Activision Blizzard.

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