Sony Reportedly Bringing More PlayStation Classic Games To PS Plus

Sony Has Filed a New Patent For Multi-Disc Games!

The PS Plus service lets players enjoy multiplayer games with their friends and give them access to many other features including free games on monthly basis coupled with many iconic PlayStation games. Now, it seems like Sony is trying to bring more of them to Ps Plus.

Sony has recently filed a patent for legacy games that have multiple discs. This could mean that more multi-disc titles are heading towards the famous platform PS Plus.

It is not certain when the games are going to be added as well, as we are not sure even if Sony is bringing more games as the company hasn’t said anything. Last year Sony split the service into different categories, among which one was premium. Anyone who subscribes to the premium one will get access to many PS classic games.

PS Plus Premium

With the premium subscription, players can play old classic PSP, PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on PS5 and PS4. However, not all of the multi-disc games are present in the premium subscription.

In the past, when the games weren’t available digitally or in Blu-ray versions, the games were published on multiple discs. Many of the PS1 classic games were published like this, and they are yet to be available on the PS Plus premium subscription. Sony filing the new patent is strongly indicating that these games can make their way to the PS Plus premium any time now. 

Fans should also notice that many of the PS1 games, which are referred to as old classics, were available on the PS3, but they are yet to be available on the premium subscription of PS Plus. Perhaps that is why fans were disappointed by PS Plus premium, as they claimed it to be the most disappointing addition to the service.

Many fans were looking forward to playing iconic titles like Resident Evil 2, old Final Fantasy titles, Gran Turismo, and many more. There are many multi-disc games that fans would love to get on Ps Plus Premium, so hopefully, Sony will add them soon. On that note, it is also worth noticing that Koei Tecmo might also bring more games on PS Plus.

With that said, what do you think of Sony filing the new patent for legacy games? Which games would you want Sony to bring on PS Plus Premium? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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