Sly Cooper Now Biggest Classic PS2 Platformer on PS Plus Premium

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Fans Still Want A Sly Cooper Revival!

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  • Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is now the most successful PlayStation Plus Classic game.
  • Sony’s Days of Play promotion provided the perfect platform for the re-release to get attention from both new and old fans.
  • The addition of trophies also encouraged players to revisit the game.

Sucker Punch Productions is hard at work on Ghost of Tsushima 2, but another one of its games has become the talk of the town recently. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus has become the biggest release in PlayStation Plus Classic history.

Originally launched on the PlayStation 2 in 2002, it returned on June 11, 2024, for PS5 as part of the PS Plus Premium Classics collection. The game has seen remarkable success, attracting longtime fans and a new wave of players.

Sony brought back Sly Cooper as part of its plan to refresh its collection of classic games.

Why it matters: This achievement highlights the love for timeless games upgraded for today’s players and shows how beloved the Sly Cooper series remains.

Sly Cooper Biggest PS Plus Classic Launch
The enduring appeal of Sly Cooper’s classic gameplay persists.

Sly Cooper’s re-release has been a huge success, as reported by TrueTrophies. Based on data from over 3.1 million active PSN accounts, it became the top launch in the PlayStation Plus Classic games catalog.

The previous record holder was The Legend of Dragoon, added in 2023. During its debut week, Sly Cooper attracted 2.5 percent more players on PS5 and PS4, highlighting the franchise’s popularity.

Sly Cooper’s success is largely due to its blend of modern upgrades and nostalgic charm. The PS Plus version offers features like save states, multiple rendering options, and PlayStation trophies, enhancing the game with extra challenges and achievements for players.

Sony’s decision to release the game during the Days of Play promotion was smart as it significantly boosted its popularity. With its discounts and special deals, the event provided the ideal opportunity for Sly Cooper to attract returning fans and new PS Plus subscribers.

Sly Cooper
Sly Cooper’s success bodes well for the future of the PS Plus Premium Classics lineup.

The inclusion of trophies has given players new goals to explore or rediscover the game.

Although PlayStation Plus Premium users represent a smaller part of the PSN community, Sly Cooper’s strong performance may prompt discussions about the IP’s future at Sony.

However, it’s crucial to note that these figures might not be significant in Sony’s larger business considerations.

In 2022, Sucker Punch confirmed that they were not working on a new game in the series. However, an insider recently revealed that a Sly Cooper revival could be imminent following delays in Ghost of Tsushima 2 development.

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