SK Hynix Expected To Mass Produce GDDR7 Memory Starting Next Year

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  • SK Hynix revealed plans for GDDR7 memory at Computex 2024.
  • Samsung has begun sampling GDDR7, while Micron aims for mass production by year-end.
  • Nvidia plans to use GDDR7 in its upcoming GeForce RTX 50 series.

Three significant memory manufacturers are expected to deliver GDDR7, a major JEDEC memory standard. However, it doesn’t appear that the three vendors will begin mass manufacturing simultaneously.

SK Hynix was exhibiting its latest GDDR7 memory technology at Computex 2024. The company announced at the presentation that it wants to offer 40 Gbps GDDR7 memory speeds.

The company also disclosed plans to release GDDR7 modules in 16GB (2GB) and 24GB (3GB) capacities.

Why it matters: Nvidia will use GDDR7 memory in its upcoming GeForce RTX 50 series lineup. This suggests that Nvidia’s release schedule for the RTX 50 series may be impacted by SK Hynix’s GDDR7 introduction.

As expected, SK Hynix appears to be the last significant memory vendor for mass manufacturing, as it is the last we have seen advertising memory.

According to its representative, the business will not begin mass-producing its GDDR7 chips before the first quarter of 2025. To release memory by 2024, Samsung has already begun sampling it.

Furthermore, Micron has shown a strong commitment to start mass-producing GDDR7 memory this year and doing so early enough to allow at least some of its clients to export completed goods by the end of the year.

Thus, it would appear that SK Hynix will be around a quarter behind if these timetables are accurate. Regarding SK Hynix’s Computex 2024 floor booth, the firm showcased GDDR7 chips in addition to a table that effectively outlined the company’s plans.

SK Hynix currently plans to offer chips with speeds of 40 GT/s of data transmission speed on both 16 and 24-bit systems. However, it’s unclear when SK Hynix plans to release its more expensive variants.

Being the first to release a faster/larger chip would be a plus for SK Hynix, given its two competitors are starting with 16 Gbit processors running at 32 GT/sec.

Rumors claimed that Nvidia will introduce the 28 Gbps GDDR7 memory in the RTX 5090 GPU.

Though they’re being worked on, faster GDDR7 memory rates aren’t anticipated to be accessible until later in the technology’s lifespan. The 28 Gbps VRAM used on the RTX 5090 is 42.8% slower than SK Hynix’s upcoming 40 Gbps GDDR7 memory.

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