Shipments of Virtual Reality Headsets Fall by 54% In Q1-2023

Sector At Risk of Bankruptcy?

Despite the launch of PSVR 2 for SONY’s well-liked PlayStation 5 platform, coupled with waves of rumors and anticipation of Apple’s AR/VR cases, shipments of reality headsets fell significantly during the first quarter of this year.

Will the Meta’s latest Virtual reality headset, the Quest 3, be able to increase people’s interest in this sector? We are not sure, but the Virtual Reality Headsets market has been on a declining trend for the past few months, and now the latest report by market research agency IDC reports a 54.4% drop in AR/VR headsets shipments in the first quarter of 2023.

VR headsets shipment drop Q1 2023

Among the top five manufacturers of AR/VR headsets, Meta continued to lead with a 47.8% share; Sony, with its PSVR 2 headset, accounted for 35.9%. We must bear in mind that the figures for PSVR 2 were not what can be said to be high but relatively low.

ByteDance (Pico) got 6.1% this year with new products and markets. DPVR and HTC came with distribution; each got less than a 2% share.

Apple is the next great hope for preserving the VR industry from growing public disinterest as the months go by and the honeymoon effect of PSVR 2 fades off., which reportedly plans to unveil its virtual reality glasses project soon.

Although if the rumors are to be true. It won’t be a product for the mass market but rather a high-end device to test the market.

The issue with virtual reality is that it has multiple sources. On the one hand, some want to make it a luxury for a select few. On the other, there is a devotion to far more accessible systems that don’t require a PC or a powerful console to play but, in exchange, provide a much less satisfying experience technically.

So there are two trends at the moment. However, the market won’t take off until a standard application or a utility makes buying these gadgets worthwhile and stops them from being merely exciting pieces of technology.

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