Scalebound: Xbox Should Reach Out To Platinum Games For Revival

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Scalebound's Cancelation Was Huge Missed Opportunity!

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  • Scalebound was Platinum Games’ most ambitious project, but it was shelved due to the team’s inexperience with this type of game.
  • Xbox has shown no interest in the project since then, but Platinum Games has been ready to revisit it for a few years.
  • I believe a proper realization of Scalebound’s concept could be incredible for Xbox.

Many established studios for Xbox are developing RPGs. Bethesda is working on The Elder Scrolls 6, Obsidian Entertainment is gearing up to launch Avowed this year, and Playground Games has recently ramped up Fable’s development.

All studios bring a distinct flavor to RPGs, solidifying Xbox as a strong platform for the genre. However, one major RPG still lingers in the minds of Xbox fans. In 2014, Platinum Games announced Scalebound, an action RPG meant to launch on the Xbox One.

For numerous reasons, this game was abandoned in 2017 and never saw the light of day. However, there is enough demand today to warrant a revival. In my opinion, now is the time for Xbox to bring this long-forgotten IP back.

Why it matters: Fans have been asking for Scalebound’s return for the longest time, so this IP is worth more attention than it currently receives.

Scalebound game
Scalebound Looked Unfinished In Gameplay Previews

Scalebound’s Untapped Potential

Helmed by the famous team behind games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Scalebound promised to be a different type of RPG experience.

The game saw players taking control of Drew, who, along with his dragon Thuban, displayed stylish traversal and combat gameplay. In terms of narrative, Draconis served as the life force of this universe, setting the stage for an expansive adventure.

Thanks to Platinum Games’ unique skills in action combat, Scalebound promised to take RPGs to a new level. The genre has often struggled to offer compelling combat, with even exceptional RPGs like The Witcher 3 falling short in this aspect, but Scalebound was meant to retain the DNA of Platinum Games’ past work.

Besides, who wouldn’t like riding around with a dragon as their companion?

YouTube video

The game even incorporated co-op elements, showing off a massive raid-like boss battle in 2016. Even if most of the demo footage looked noticeably rough, it was clear Platinum Games had something special on its hands.

If unleashing massive dragon-like abilities with the protagonist wasn’t appealing enough, Drew could hop on Thuban and level the playing field against massive foes. Unfortunately, the game was too ambitious.

Platinum Games’ lack of experience meant that it could not produce the results Xbox wanted. Ultimately, this became the reason behind its cancelation. Since then, Platinum Games has said that various concepts from Scalebonud made their way into Bayonetta 3.

Scalebound Was In Development For Over Four Years

Platinum Games Is Ready For A Comeback

As early as 2022, Hideki Kamiya was willing to work on Scalebound again. With new Xbox Series S|X consoles at its disposal, the team may have been confident that it could fulfill the original vision.

While Hideki Kamiya has since departed from the studio, he went on record to say that he wanted to see the project through.

Phil! Let’s do it together.

-Hideki Kamiya on Scalebound revival

Recent leaks suggested that plans were in motion to bring this series back, but Xbox has denied such claims. In my opinion, Xbox needs all the help it can get. As it stands, the gaming giant needs to rapidly build its first-party library to compete with Sony.

A fully polished version of Scalebound could offer new experiences to push Xbox toward the success it desires. Perhaps the stars will align someday, reigniting the partnership between Xbox and Platinum Games.

Until then, however, RPG fans have games like Elden Ring and Dragon’s Dogma 2 to keep themselves busy.

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