Rise of The Ronin To Include 4 Player Multiplayer Co-op

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Story Highlights
  • Rise of the Ronin will feature online co-op.
  • The game will allow up to 4 players to team up for story missions.
  • However, Team Ninja confirms that PvP is not included in the game.

Rise of the Ronin, much like Stellar Blade, is among PlayStation’s biggest exclusives for early 2024. The game tells the tale of the Bakumatsu period’s conclusion, offering ruthless combat and samurai gameplay in the process.

With Team Ninja leading the project, combat was always expected to be the highlight. However, Rise of the Ronin is more focused on narrative than past projects, and the developer has also confirmed online co-op elements for the title.

Why it matters: Team Ninja already featured multiplayer gameplay in past releases. However, with a bigger focus on the narrative, many were curious whether the studio would leave this element out for a more tailored experience.

Rise Of The Ronin
Source: PlayStation

PlayStation’s FAQs confirm that co-op gameplay will extend to four players.

Rise of the Ronin players will be able to team up with their friends to play through the campaign missions. The FAQ does not clarify whether co-op will be possible in free-roam, but the answer suggests that it will be limited to missions only.

Unlike past games from Team Ninja, PvP will not be featured in Rise of the Ronin. The studio has also confirmed other details about the game, boasting the ability to switch between various characters in gameplay.

Additionally, Rise of the Ronin will offer a custom character creation. This element will allow each player to immerse themselves into the narrative. However, even more interesting is the companion dynamic.

According to Team Ninja, the Bond system means that allies can eventually become enemies based on the player’s actions. All of these systems should work together to offer a compelling gameplay experience.

Rise of the Ronin

From everything shown so far, Rise of the Ronin has the potential to be Team Ninja’s best modern game. The combat itself shines in recent footage, with the team boasting lifelike nuance in the game.

The game arrives on March 22, and preorders have already gone live. As the release date draws nearer, Rise of the Ronin’s intense recreation of the Bakumatsu era awaits players with daunting foes, loyal companions, and refined combat systems.

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