Remnant 2 Is Massive, Players With Over 400 Hours Yet To See Everything

"Remnant 2 Has Secrets Within Secrets Within Secrets!"

Remnant 2 is already available for early-access users, and players have spent several hours with the game. However, like many other games, Remnant 2 boasts hundreds of hours of content.

A developer from Gunfire Games recently elaborated on the game’s content, claiming that it is rewarding for players after they have completed it. He went on to say that players with over 400 hours had still not found everything the title had to offer.

Why it matters: As the gaming industry has moved forward, players have begun to demand bigger worlds and longer games to justify the price tag for newer games. Therefore, Gunfire Games has ensured that Remnant 2 has plenty to offer.

Ben Cureton from Gunfire Games worked as a Principal Designer on Remnant 2. The developer recently took to Twitter and said:

“No one has seen or obtained 100% of everything the game has to offer.”

He elaborated that this applied to developers, reviewers, and playtesters that had already spent hundreds of hours with the game. According to Ben Cureton, even 400 hours of playtime is not enough to find everything the developers have added to the title.

The developer also confirmed this includes plenty of secrets for players to find as they explore the dense worlds with branching quest lines. Unlike modern games, Remnant 2 has not followed the trend of increasing price tags.

While the industry is moving toward $70 as the base price for new titles, Remnant 2 costs $50 for the standard edition. This price tag means that it offers more value than most games released in the modern era.

Games like Baldur’s Gate 3 have also boasted hundreds of hours of content. Larian Studios has claimed that it can take up to 18 playthroughs to discover every ending in the game, keeping players busy for hours upon hours.

As such, players who value hours of content are in for a treat. Both games are set to release a few days apart, ensuring players can enjoy the titles for the next few months.

While this sounds exciting, Remnant 2 has received criticism for a poor PC port. Gunfire Games has designed the port around upscaling technologies, leading to hardware like the GeForce RTX 4090 and Ryzen 9 7950X3D failing to hit 60FPS at native 4K Ultra settings.

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