Forspoken Denuvo DRM Removed After 6 Months

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DRM Removed For PC Users!

Forspoken is among the latest games from Square Enix in 2023, but the game failed to perform according to the gaming giant’s expectations. Following a poor release, the publisher is still updating the game and improving various aspects.

This also translates to patches for the PC port. In addition to various optimizations, Square Enix has removed Denuvo from Forspoken.

Why it matters: Denuvo has received nearly unanimous criticism from the PC gaming crowd. The DRM’s impact on performance and general perception has meant that any new game with the implementation is also criticized.


DSOGaming reports Denuvo is no longer part of the game on Steam.

As mentioned earlier, Square Enix has released various patches for the title. This includes updates to the game’s visuals. Following these updates, Forspoken runs better on lower and mid-range hardware, making it a much better experience on PC.

With Denuvo removed, players may find the game running better than ever. However, this change will also expose the game to piracy. It should be noted the Steam page still lists Denuvo for the game, but this will likely be updated soon.

Forspoken is not the first game to remove Denuvo after several months. Massive publishers like Capcom have taken a similar approach with games like Resident Evil Village and Devil May Cry 5.

Square Enix has done the same with titles like The Diofield Chronicle.

The gaming giant previously confirmed Forspoken had not sold well. While this change is unlikely to motivate players to try the game, recent Steam reviews have shown a considerable improvement over previous reception.

A new DLC, In Tanta We Trust, was also released in May, expanding the lore and narrative of Athia. All of this means that Square Enix is continuing to support the game, despite a lukewarm reception.

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