Red Dead Franchise Celebrates 20 Years of Greatness Today

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Two Decades of Red Dead Greatness!

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  • The Red Dead franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary today.
  • The series has sold over 85 million copies with just three releases, becoming one of the most successful IPs to grace the industry.
  • Rockstar Games’ latest addition to this franchise is considered a generational release that still stands out.

Red Dead has been one of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry and the biggest after Grand Theft Auto for Rockstar Games following the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, this series wasn’t always this big. Starting from humble beginnings, this franchise first debuted two decades ago, celebrating its 20th official anniversary today.

Why it matters: Very few franchises in the industry have the staying power to remain relevant for multiple decades, making such games special.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Rockstar Games’ Narrative Excellence Shined In 2018

While most gamers will be familiar with Red Dead Redemption and its sequel, this IP was originally helmed by Capcom but was later abandoned in 2002. Rockstar Games later stepped in and purchased the rights.

Following the release of Red Dead Revolver in 2004, the stage was set for decades of success. While the first attempt was not the best entry, it offered a flavor of the Wild West that gave Rockstar Games more to work with.

Six years later, the studio returned with Red Dead Redemption, taking the series to new heights. It carried forward similar themes but vastly expanded the IP in nearly every way. Mechanics like Dead Eye were also carried forward from the original release.

While the next entry had very big shoes to fill, Red Dead Redemption 2 met everyone’s expectations in 2018 and took the franchise one step ahead, selling over 61 million copies alone.

The title was appreciated for its unmatched story, an open world that few have managed to rival, and for being arguably the best sequel of all time.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Popular For Its Massive Open World & Great Story

With only three releases, the series has already become one of the most successful in the industry, having sold over 86 million units. Moreover, the latest entry has already become the 7th best-selling game ever.

One theme has remained consistent across the twenty years of Red Dead. This series has constantly evolved with each new entry, challenging the very notion of game development and narratives in this medium.

As Rockstar Games looks toward releasing GTA 6, it is important to acknowledge the legacy of its second most important series. It cannot be understated just how important Red Dead has been to this studio and gaming as a whole.

A new entry is also inevitable, with Take-Two expecting Rockstar Games to return following the launch of GTA 6. Therefore, the saga of this iconic franchise is far from over.

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