New Razer Update Helps Achieve 8,000 Hz Through HyperPolling

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[Press Release] Razer confirms that an update enhancing the Razer Mice Portfolio with HyperPolling at 8,000 Hz to boost performance is now available for a wide range of mice.

Razer suggests that most gamers will now benefit from 8,000 Hz Wireless HyperPolling, a technology that made its premiere exclusively with the Viper Mini Signature Edition.


HyperPolling technology allows the mouse to reach a polling rate of 8,000 Hz. This means that the mouse can communicate with the PC up to 8 times faster through quicker transmission of data.

Whether you are a competitive or casual gamer, the 8000 Hz polling rate will help you achieve a better experience, giving you an edge in the tensest moments of competitive games or immersive parts of single-player games.

For competitive gamers, in particular, combining the 8000 Hz polling rate with Nvidia Reflex and high refresh rate displays can net incredible results since this polling rate reduces the delay between a click and action on screen to just 0.125 ms.

Razer HyperSpeed Wireless technology not only lowers latency but also guarantees the most dependable and responsive connection you would want while playing a game. Furthermore, this technology helps to eliminate micro-stuttering and provides smoother cursor movements.

For the best use of this feature, users should have specific mice that support 8,000 Hz HyperPolling. Therefore, the likes of Razer Viper V2 Pro, Basilisk V3 Pro, and DeathAdder V3 Pro are needed.

The feature can be enabled through the Razor Synapse app, which will guide you through the complete process of achieving 8,000 Hz HyperPolling. It is important to note that enabling HyperPolling can lead to reduced battery life, but the benefits will more than likely outnumber the drawbacks for most people.

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