PS5 Now Sony’s Most Profitable Generation After $106 Billion In Sales

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Beating Every Other Generation By A Mile!

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  • Sony states the PS5 generation is now its most profitable.
  • This generation encompasses console sales, game sales, and subscription purchases across both the PS4 and PS5.
  • PlayStation is also seeing more engagement on the PS5 than the PS4.

PlayStation has revealed new insight into its console gaming business. Following a meeting discussing various parts of its strategy, the gaming giant has confirmed that the PS5 is now its most profitable console generation.

Why it matters: The increasing game development costs and limited profitability led to concerns about PlayStation’s state this generation. However, the gaming giant seems to be doing better than ever.

PS5 Most Profitable Generation
Sony Has Outlined The Profitability of Various Console Generations

According to Sony, this generation alone has amounted to $106 billion in sales. For comparison, the PS4 generation totaled $107 billion over its entire lifespan from 2013.

It is important to note that these figures include everything in a specific generation. For instance, the PS5 generation includes game sales, hardware sales for the PS4 and PS5, and more.

By Sony’s own metrics, the current generation is now its biggest. However, the PS4 remains a key pillar of the gaming business because of the nearly 50/50 user split between the two recent consoles.

Sony PlayStation Studios
PlayStation’s Internal Teams Are Still Focusing On Single-Player Games

Elsewhere, PlayStation also confirms that more time is being spent on PS5 consoles despite the nearly identical user base between the PS4 and PS5. The latter has already sold over 50 million units and should continue growing this year.

Before his departure, Jim Ryan stated that the PS5 generation would eventually become Sony’s most profitable. It seems the former CEO’s prediction has come true. PlayStation is moving forward with the same mindset it has always had.

It intends to offer a valuable experience to its console gamer, while offering different types of games for PC users to entice them into a console purchase. With this strategy, the gaming giant hopes to sustain its business in the long term.

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